Top Work At Home Dad Blogs

As mentioned in my “professional/personal” Blog @DrBenFung, I had the surprising pleasure of being contacted regarding the inclusion of my blog to be listed as a “Top Work At Home Dad Blog!” Other than rehashing what I already wrote there, it was funny because the apparent journey that I was found to be a “work at home dad” was through my original blog — not this one. Nevertheless, it appeared that they followed that footprint into, well… here, at Daddy In The Raw.

Suffice to say. It was truly a surprise!

Obviously, this dad blog isn’t a monetization project. It’s just here to log, document, quip, whine, commiserate, and otherwise, encourage & empower those who may be on a similar journey… or, those who are considering the plunge.

Well, I’m glad people are noticing. If you’ve been encouraged, please drop me a line. Tweet me, message me, comment below, email me… I’d be so happy to hear from you!

Alright. That’s it! Have a great weekend!

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