6 Week Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Well, this last week was a semi-success… at least for me. The dieting of this challenge wasn’t a “challenge” until I attended a private conference here in town. This lead to all sorts of disarray. Nevertheless, I’m still on track for shedding 1lb per week. Some days are better than others. Ironically, the thing I have the most challenge with is the strength training at moderate intensities and high reps… well, maybe not so ironically as I’m used to high intensity, low repetitions.

What *IS* ironic is that I’m starting to enjoy my runs. Yup, burning a couple hundred Calories via running is actually becoming less terrible, LOL!

The thing I like about it most is the measurability of it. It’s not hard to launch my running app and go until it says my aimed Calories were burnt. The same could be said for a treadmill… however, I find the small hill trail around my home far more difficult than the same caloric measures given by the treadmill settings.

All in all, it’s going really well. I’m definitely not starving and still struggling to finish all my meal plans. The workouts are taking longer than I’d like. And, while my body feels super tired, in general… it’s manageable and the results are enjoyable — looking forward to the soon to be grueling pace! 😉

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