Catching Up… Nearly 3 years?!

Yep… it’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve embarked on this journey. I had to mentally do the math to verify this sanity check. It’s crazy to think that we’ve been doing it this long. It’s easy to get lost in the facts, the day to days… and, it’s easy to forget WHY I started on this journey to begin with.

Now that I’m back to speaking gigs quite regularly and business has picked up significantly, it’s helpful to remember to recenter on the purpose of this journey. From there, things are made clear.

Catch up with me on this live broadcast replay via Facebook live. And, see you soon!

Top Dad Blog, Again?!


So… Again… I wasn’t expecting this.

Hahaha… pretty cool! And, truly unexpected. As I said from the start, the reason I started Daddy In The Raw was as a chronicle for my boy & as an encouragement to all of you out there who may be in pursuit of the same lifestyle goals.

Well, in any case, I just wanted to share that little bit. Also, I’m pretty certain I’ll start logging some video blog sessions. After some of your feedback regarding my Snapchat Stories, I figured I may as well use the Memories function… SO, if you’re on Snapchat:




Top Work At Home Dad Blogs

As mentioned in my “professional/personal” Blog @DrBenFung, I had the surprising pleasure of being contacted regarding the inclusion of my blog to be listed as a “Top Work At Home Dad Blog!” Other than rehashing what I already wrote there, it was funny because the apparent journey that I was found to be a “work at home dad” was through my original blog — not this one. Nevertheless, it appeared that they followed that footprint into, well… here, at Daddy In The Raw.

Suffice to say. It was truly a surprise!

Obviously, this dad blog isn’t a monetization project. It’s just here to log, document, quip, whine, commiserate, and otherwise, encourage & empower those who may be on a similar journey… or, those who are considering the plunge.

Well, I’m glad people are noticing. If you’ve been encouraged, please drop me a line. Tweet me, message me, comment below, email me… I’d be so happy to hear from you!

Alright. That’s it! Have a great weekend!