This TBT post is more of a dad’s ramble. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

So, “car-gy” is the way Nathan used to say the word “car” or “cars.” As I’ve mentioned before, Nate’s speech was of concern in the past. He’s coming great now… as you can see 🙂

Along with Cars, Nate also loves Toy story. And, gets sad & mad along with the characters. It’s actually quite interesting and rather sweet to see such a young kiddo empathize — he’s always been a very in touch child.

We also noticed that Nathan prefers the computer animated pieces more so than the hand drawn productions. I’m not sure exactly why this is, I only know that Wreck-It Ralph holds his attention better than Lion King does.

Which randomly reminds me about how we spent all this time finding a DVR opportunity to get Cars on without commercials. However, once we got it, Nathan started to lose interest. Before, the version we had was filled with commercials. These commercials served as interruption points where he would have to grab us to fast forward the show.

Once the video went without interruptions, he preferred it a lot less. We guessed that those interruptions served as regular and predictable chances for him to check on us.

Let’s see… what else? Well… he’s been playing a lot more with his ABC toys and chatter boxing to us. He’s even pointing at the label on his car seat saying “W” and “R!” It’s pretty cool stuff.

All this ramble to say that many fatherly worries come and go. Most of them will pass as the baby turns kiddo and kiddo turns *shudders* teen. The body has a fairly good sense of how to work itself out. I guess it’s just something to think about, remember, and be thankful for.

Protect Your Smartphone

So, Nathan has this weird habit where if he grabs something he isn’t supposed to… if he feels like he can’t get away with the old:

HERE! Look what I found! I was, in fact, on my way to hand it to you. After all… I know this toy isn’t for me to play with.

That old song and dance. If he feels like he got caught and can’t get away with it. He likes to throw the object. Now, it isn’t just any type of throw. It’s more in the spirit of Thor’s “ANOTHER!”

Any guess what happened?


When my wife and I bought our new Samsung Galaxy S5s, we knew there was NO WAY that we were going to allow for a repeat. I went ahead and bought the Spigen Tough Armor. This thing has protected my phone from 5+ foot drops, face down bashes into tile, face down frisebee throws into gravel… you name it, and my phone remains scratchless. I cannot speak enough to the durability and protectiveness that this product provides. Definitely a recommended buy.

My wife, went with a smaller profile case which has worked just as well! It’s survived the tile flooring, corner strikes on asphalt, and even face down on concrete. She bought a Mint Green version. And, I’m not going to lie. I’m a little bit jealous. Not of the color, but of how thin that profile is. The S5 is a beautifully sleek phone. There is practically no profile and I love the way it its in the hand without any armor at all. This particular product gives you all that tactility without the bulk of the armor that I have on my phone.

I’m Just Saying… with a toddler, you NEED armor for your phone. Otherwise… you’ll likely be finding some busted screens and the several hundred dollar lessons that comes with it. Unless you have insurance… which only matters so much depending on the type you get.


Star Wars Launch Bay

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Disney & Star Wars are centric to who I am.

So the other day (a month ago), my family went to Disneyland again — no surprise. Well… Disneyland turned Innoventions and that whole area of Tomorrowland into the biggest Star Wars fan paradise EVER. It was practically like being a Star Wars Celebration. Okay! No more words. A Picture is Worth A Thousand. And… how about a video?!

From @disneyland the other night. #SeasonOfTheForce #disneylandap #Disneyland60

A photo posted by Ben Fung (aka @DrBenFung) (@daddyintheraw) on

From last night @disneyland. #DowntownDisney #DaddyInTheRaw A photo posted by Ben Fung (aka @DrBenFung) (@daddyintheraw) on

Another one from @disneyland #DowntownDisney #disneylandap #Disneyland60 #DaddyInTheRaw

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Because. #StarWars #starwarsfan #DowntownDisney A photo posted by Ben Fung (aka @DrBenFung) (@daddyintheraw) on

Star Wars Launch Bay

Enjoy the walk through!

Blue Hat, Green Hat

One of the funniest… wait, funniest? Is that a word? Yes! Spell check says “Okay!” So…! One of the funniest aspects of being a Work At Home Dad is that I get to take random breaks (given my schedule allows for it) to play with my boy. Today’s Throwback Thursday post is about a little book Nate used to ADORE… Blue Hat, Green Hat.

It’s actually a really silly little book. But, what is so funny is that there is this little turkey who doesn’t know how to wear any article of clothing. So, the book goes “Blue Hat, Green Hat, Red Hat, OOPS!”

During the “Oops” line, the Turkey is wearing something backwards, on its beak, or something else funny and weird.

The way I read it to my boy is I say “Ooops” super loud, high pitched, and I jolt my whole body as he is sitting in my lap. Nathan thinks that sudden motion during reading is absolutely hilarious and will just laugh it all up. Typically, until I am sorely bored with the book.

Still… it’s worth it 😉

Well…. Nathan was NOT cooperative with me recording a reading with him. However, his FAVORITE… moms 😉 was able to get a nice clip going.

So… Blue Hat, Green Hat.