So, this is my week 3 report. Things are going well, but not awesome.

1st, I couldn’t get as much workouts in as I wanted; family is still sick; I feeling completely worn out from this grueling pace of things… and, I really can NOT eat anymore chicken… *sobs*

The good news is: Running is actually fun now; I started sparring in Muay Thai; I’ve committed to getting back into BJJ — my coach knows #accountability; and, my family took a wonderful trip to Disneyland. #OurHappyPlace

Week 3 has been nuts. And, honestly, I’m already half way into week 4. Week 3 is when I feel the weight has been shedding FAST. I’m down probably 8+lbs from when I started. I fear I’m getting more cardio in than weight lifting… it is something I’m hoping to fix for the remainder of the challenge — that weight lifting element.

Time. Time. TIME. T I M E is the ultimate limiter this past week. Also, having looked at my recent bills, it is true — eating healthy is more expensive… I think a lot of it has to do with perishable portions. The other, is that buying whole foods (not the store) requires more frequency of purchases since things expire. It’s making think about an MBA project about regional and local food stuffs I did; and, perhaps, how this could positively affect the local economies should it be adopted at scale.

In any case… week 3… I feel this challenge has truly turned the corner. Traveling was very difficult in terms of adhere to diet or even finding food stuffs congruent with my prescribed meal plans. Working out was basically running. So…. I’m actually happy to be home in that regard and hope I can turn this Week 4 around and really get into the lifting through the end of the challenge.

That’s all for now!

See you for week 4.

6 Week Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Well, this last week was a semi-success… at least for me. The dieting of this challenge wasn’t a “challenge” until I attended a private conference here in town. This lead to all sorts of disarray. Nevertheless, I’m still on track for shedding 1lb per week. Some days are better than others. Ironically, the thing I have the most challenge with is the strength training at moderate intensities and high reps… well, maybe not so ironically as I’m used to high intensity, low repetitions.

What *IS* ironic is that I’m starting to enjoy my runs. Yup, burning a couple hundred Calories via running is actually becoming less terrible, LOL!

The thing I like about it most is the measurability of it. It’s not hard to launch my running app and go until it says my aimed Calories were burnt. The same could be said for a treadmill… however, I find the small hill trail around my home far more difficult than the same caloric measures given by the treadmill settings.

All in all, it’s going really well. I’m definitely not starving and still struggling to finish all my meal plans. The workouts are taking longer than I’d like. And, while my body feels super tired, in general… it’s manageable and the results are enjoyable — looking forward to the soon to be grueling pace! 😉

6 Week Fitness Challenge: Week 1

So, I decided to take up a fitness challenge for one of many reasons this year. In short, I was sick and tired of being *insert whatever you’d like to improve about yourself here*. The truth is, I have all the knowledge and skill set for fitness and burning the fats off. I mean, I’m published on the matter when it comes to the specific use of kettlebell exercise. I even demonstrated an 8 week program that lost me 2 belt loops without more than 15 minutes of exercise a day… no change in diet.

Why jump on a program now?


The thing is, having such a busy lifestyle of being a work at home dad, startup entrepreneur x2, and being co-founder and c-suite to both companies… you “lose” that focus and motivation on yourself. And, there’s the saying: “If you pay, you pay attention.”

So, with encouragement from my coach and good friend, Professor Jeff Baldwin of Rebellion Martial Arts… I signed up with a nutritionist that he signed up with a year or so back… and, had SCARY amazing results.

All that said, I’m a week in. And, it’s been quiiiiiiite interesting.

  • There’s an entirely changed level of dieting. I used to have a keto-esque diet of high fat, high protein, low carbs. Now, I’m on a revolving diet of various macros as prescribed by Brian Martinez of Local Fit.
  • I’m also on a daily exercise routine, which I love…
  • That includes true cardio… which I hate… but, have always wanted to get good at. I’ve always gotten my cardio via HIIT, but this time, I’m running. And, I SUCK at running — LOL!
  • Oh, there’s a LOT of food to be eaten. I’m still adjusting, but MAN… 6 organized meals a day is a lot of food, volume-wise.
  • I’m loving the organization of the program.
  • And, I’m definitely seeing a small trickle of consistent weight loss.

It’s been an exciting week 1 and I’m hoping to ramp it up for week 2!

THIS, Is His Childhood

Probably a week or two back, it hit me that my kiddo is four… almost five. School, social life, development, personality… even this weird “teenage” lackadaisical attitude he’s adopted when he doesn’t want to do a chore or what have you… it was weird that he turned from four to pre-teen overnight. And then, it really hit me…. this, is his childhood… right now, and, there’s not a moment to waste!

When you think about growing up, what comes to mind? Did you have a good childhood? Were your parents loving? Supportive? How about siblings? Friends? Activities? How were the memories? Good? Bad? Awful? Wonderful?

There’s a good chance its a big mixture of it. And, there’s also a good chance that, looking back… there’s a lot that everyone wishes their childhood could’ve improved upon. That, is the interesting thing… we can’t control our childhood. It is. We’re subject to the wills and designs of other people’s choices far more than we are our own… that is, until we “grow up.”

The thing is, these formative years are precious…. and, highly undervalued, no matter how many times you hear people say, “Cherish these moments.” and, that… “They grow up sooooo fast!”

Still… do we truly do follow said advise?

Again… it hit me.

I started this Daddy In The Raw… work at home dad lifestyle… which meant exchanging stable, well paying, good opportunities within the corporate sectors type job and lifestyle for….. the highly variant, high risk – high rewards based, entrepreneur life — SO THAT, I can spend as much wonder loving time with my family. THESE are the years. THESE are the moments. THESE are the times to relish and spoil yourself with. When these moments are gone, they are gone. It never comes back.

You DON’T know how tomorrow will unfold. You have today. What a waste, if you blindly sacrifice today… and, tomorrow doesn’t come… or, worse: isn’t what you suffered it to be.

So… it kept hitting me. This, is his childhood. This is one of the greatest gifts I can give him… that he’s loved, nurtured, prepared, trained, forged, and strengthened to meet the world… and, to become a person that contributes to those around him.

And… I kept on thinking and it kept hitting me… and, I realized in those moments…. I think, we’re okay…. I actually think we’re okay… I looked back on my meager Instagram posting and privately saved Snapchat stories….. and, the snippets below represent an over arching emotional theme of Nathan’s childhood experience.

He’s so happy he sleep laughs.

He goes on Daddy Adventures

From yesterday's #DaddyAdventure. #dadblogger #parenting #parentingblogger

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And, has lightsaber fights in the dark.

Beyond this, he spends an amazing amount of time with his mom… and, not to even say that my wife is a wonder-mom and hero-wife….. it’s just that they are so cute together and I can’t get enough of them. I just can’t…. I can’t handle the love and the purpose of why I’m on this journey.

So… after it was done hitting me, the moment passed and the realization came to pass…

This, is his childhood. It’s a pretty great one ♥

And, I think we’re doing alright.