UPCOMING: Elite Sports Product Review

Hey Guys!

It has been quite a little bit, hasn’t it?

Few announcements:

  1. I’m super excited to be reviewing a product from Elite Sports and Borntough. Be sure to check them out at: Elite Sports and Borntough for fight wear and gym wear apparel. Also, visit their sister brand Viking Bags for motorcycle bags and apparel.
  2. I have a backlog of content I’m polishing up for a mass publish — it’s pretty much a book. The reason I’ve been quiet on this blog has much to do with recentering; particularly as chaos ensued in 2020. I’ve actually been developing quite a bit of philosophical materials on the subject of “Dad,” and hope to release that over time.
  3. This blog was born out of the work-at-home environment. While it was bizarre back in the mid-2010s… thanks to the pandemic, it has definitely become part of the norm. There’s much to discuss on this from both a parenting perspective as well as a working individual’s point of view.

That’s all for now!