Back with Better Plans

So… last week was nuts.

Since I work from home, my family is very accustomed to me being around and generally available. Work isn’t a set structure. Rather, my work is done throughout the day, in splurts, chunks, and segments.

That’s just how it is.

However, last week was the first week in months if not the last two years that I had to spend concentrated time away from family.

Props to my hero wife for managing the situation.

This is how it went down…

Back with Better Plans

Last week was the American Physical Therapy Associations annual national conference. It’s called Combined Sections Meeting or CSM.

The whole conference was a 100 mile an hour sprint from start to finish. The entire time, my business partner and I were booking it from one place to another, one meeting to another, covering the conference with our fancy media/press badges… getting into backroom areas no one else had access to.

PS. I’m going to EVERYTHING as press from now on.

Well… it was a crazy amazing conference. Very productive. And, we were completely exhausted. It required soooo much phone use. Speaking of… I basically do 60% of my work via my phone. Thankfully, I brought this with me:

I… rather, my phone wouldn’t have survived the con without it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PURCHASE!


Also, we absolutely HAD to make a stop at Disney 😉

Where else? #Disney. #DaddyInTheRaw #DadBlog #dadblogger

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So, now that I’m back, here’s the plan…

I’ve had soooo many posts scheduled; but, as this blog developed, things got more current and relevant. However, I also know there’s a lot of interest on how everything came about. So, my plan is this: I’m going to basically put all of my posts prior planned as TBT posts…. just to catch the story up to where I am now.

THEN, I’m going to move onto current happenings of my story as a Work At Home Dad.


I’m STILL flirting with the idea of a regular broadcast. Honestly, I just don’t have time to do a podcast. However, I think a regular Periscope with a weekly recorded vlog addition may be of interest…???

Let me know!

Okay… that’s it for now. I’m going to gather my posts and will start to get them out again. Looking forward to more fun stories…. some stuff, going waaaaaay back.

Until Next Time!



Quick Update!


So, business is picking up for me. YAY! And, there’s this HUGE conference I’ll be attending next week. So, in preparations for that as well as a few others things, I’m gonna put this blog on a break until after the conference is over.

That is, unless I randomly get inspired by a Periscope or Blab which I’ll then post as a vlog.

I’m also getting some emails with interest from app developers and what not. I’m totally open to helping review out products, services, apps, etc.  This is one of the prime reasons I started this dad blog… to add to the blogosphere a dad’s voice, particularly, a work at home dad’s voice on such issues, concerns, and consumer interests.

So! If you have something for me, just use the contact form and let me know!

Still building the site!

Hi There! If you’re here, you probably heard about this from the PT Pintcast Podcast or some rumblings across social media. I’m still building out the site — so bear with me! … it just may take some time between, well…everything.

I’m hoping to launch around New Year, so stay tuned! << Edit: Looks like I’ll launch this month! YAY!

Nope! Call it surrounding New Year! Look forward to it on January 4th, 2016!