Relationships Should Make You BETTER

So, I felt compelled to write a blurb about relationships. I think relationships are such a fascinating thing in the human experience being that we actually get to (for the most part) choose who, how, and why we relate to each other.

That said, I also find it fascinating that many times, we as humans, tend to choose some of the worst situations in which to relate.

Relationships Should Make You BETTER

My wife, she certainly has made me a better man. And, if you’d ask her family, she would say that I made her better as well. I’ve blogged on Blog @DrBenFung in the past about Why Your Relationship is Lonely and 5 Signs You Are Meant To Be.

I want to build on the discussion here.

I believe that relationships should make you better. It should make you better, make areas you are weak stronger, make areas that frustrate you more peaceable, make otherwise presently strained relationships more amicable.

The last thing relationships should do is make you worse. Fight more. Argue more. Be irritable. Take you away from friends & family. Worse your attitude. Screw with your behaviors. THOSE things are HUGE warning signs that things aren’t going well.

Also, that whole problem of guys wanting to save girls or girls wanting to fix the guy… that whole “nice guys finish last” complex is a horrible thing for everyone involved. Good men get passed up for the bad boys. Good women get treated awful by immature dumb dumbs. And, it of course, extrapolates for any and every sway you can imagine.

It’s not who you relate to, it’s how you relate.

I also find that it’s tragic that many women are constantly in this state of emotional pause; waiting for the other shoe to drop… waiting for something terrible to happen… something, some secret they are hiding. The same goes for guys. Guys wait for the girls to go crazy… or just accept that they “are” crazy.

Again, all things BAD about relationships to which people are looking forward to.

It’s kinda tragic.

So, rather than such negativities. Let me offer that relationships that are good for you… ARE GOOD FOR YOU! #ThanksCaptainObvious

But, really… I wouldn’t be writing these thoughts unless I felt they needed to be said. If you take a look at the pure fact that MOST relationships won’t last and/or end the way they began (whether formal/informal, married/unmarried, exclusive/open)… the FACT is that when relating, should we wish for such relationships to be successful, we need to pursue the ones that make us better people, more joyful people, more constructive, more positive, more altruistic, and generally happier in life.

A good relationships makes you happy in who you are as much as you are happy in who you are with.

Well… those are my thoughts.

On a similar note, I’ve been writing out 200+ possible podcast episodes… I’m STILL flirting with this idea of a relationship advice based podcast. Short little nuggets of wisdom. I’m on topic #232. When I get to #260… I’ll have one year’s worth of topics to talk through… maybe by then, I’ll start. AND, of course… I’ll have to incorporate Q&A 😉