Blue Hat, Green Hat

One of the funniest… wait, funniest? Is that a word? Yes! Spell check says “Okay!” So…! One of the funniest aspects of being a Work At Home Dad is that I get to take random breaks (given my schedule allows for it) to play with my boy. Today’s Throwback Thursday post is about a little book Nate used to ADORE… Blue Hat, Green Hat.

It’s actually a really silly little book. But, what is so funny is that there is this little turkey who doesn’t know how to wear any article of clothing. So, the book goes “Blue Hat, Green Hat, Red Hat, OOPS!”

During the “Oops” line, the Turkey is wearing something backwards, on its beak, or something else funny and weird.

The way I read it to my boy is I say “Ooops” super loud, high pitched, and I jolt my whole body as he is sitting in my lap. Nathan thinks that sudden motion during reading is absolutely hilarious and will just laugh it all up. Typically, until I am sorely bored with the book.

Still… it’s worth it 😉

Well…. Nathan was NOT cooperative with me recording a reading with him. However, his FAVORITE… moms 😉 was able to get a nice clip going.

So… Blue Hat, Green Hat.