Sick Like A Dog

This is a whine post. Tho… I wish it were a wine post 😉

So, I’ve been sick since Friday morning. It hasn’t been that bad until yesterday’ish. Apparently, many people I know are sick also — guess something is going around.

It’s the usual sinus nonsense. I feel like there’s a balloon inside my head, can barely breath though my nose, and can’t find a way to bias the pressure (not to mention drip) while I’m sleeping to get a good rhythm of breathing. I’ve been on Vitamin C and I’ve also been flushing out my sinuses whenever I can. And, it is NAAAAASTY what’s coming out. Funny enough, Nathan thinks it’s basically the most hilarious thing ever.

Oh yeah, I’ve been working 12-15+ hours in the last few days — crunching away at content, financial projections… stuff like that. But, such is the life of an entrepreneur and work at home dad.

What is bothering me more is that I can’t do more. I can’t help my wife take care of our boy. I can’t play with my kid as much for fear he catches what I have. I can’t go train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… bleh… it’s just a bunch of limitations.

Being sick sucks. Oh, well…

For now, I hope nothing goes into my throat. I have a virtual mentorship thing I’m supposed to be presenting tonight. And, I’m scheduled to go into clinic on Friday. It’s been a day… it’s been several days. Hopefully, this week turns itself around.