First Father-Son Surf Session

So, this past Summer of 2018, I realized that due to family, responsibilities, time, and quite honestly — the danger of surfing winter waves… that I’ve become a fair weather surfer.

I’ve chosen Scripps Beach as my preferred surf spot. Although my “best condition” spots such a Del Mar and PB Point + associated reefs (where I caught two out of three of my best waves ever) have better waves… Scripps in the Summer — it’s just safer 🙂

So, this is us.

It was a ridiculously cute and awesome afternoon. My darling of a wife, who hates the sand…

Well, not so much hates sand… just isn’t a big ocean water person — she was willing to watch Nathan play at the beach head while I spent about 20-30 minutes catching a few ankle slappers.

THEN! I took Nathan into water that was about his waist level deep. He paddled. Sat. Stood. I even guided him down in “riding” some white wash. All with me supporting him of course 😉

He loved it. In fact, he loved it so much that he randomly would assume a prone position on the board to paddle — not always at the best of time, LOL. He started doing that for a week or so at home as well, just laying on the ground pretending he was paddling.

It definitely helped that we took him to swim lessons this past Summer. Hopefully, he continues to enjoy such activities. Outdoors. Active. Healthy. Fun.