6 Week Fitness Challenge: Week 1

So, I decided to take up a fitness challenge for one of many reasons this year. In short, I was sick and tired of being *insert whatever you’d like to improve about yourself here*. The truth is, I have all the knowledge and skill set for fitness and burning the fats off. I mean, I’m published on the matter when it comes to the specific use of kettlebell exercise. I even demonstrated an 8 week program that lost me 2 belt loops without more than 15 minutes of exercise a day… no change in diet.

Why jump on a program now?


The thing is, having such a busy lifestyle of being a work at home dad, startup entrepreneur x2, and being co-founder and c-suite to both companies… you “lose” that focus and motivation on yourself. And, there’s the saying: “If you pay, you pay attention.”

So, with encouragement from my coach and good friend, Professor Jeff Baldwin of Rebellion Martial Arts… I signed up with a nutritionist that he signed up with a year or so back… and, had SCARY amazing results.

All that said, I’m a week in. And, it’s been quiiiiiiite interesting.

  • There’s an entirely changed level of dieting. I used to have a keto-esque diet of high fat, high protein, low carbs. Now, I’m on a revolving diet of various macros as prescribed by Brian Martinez of Local Fit.
  • I’m also on a daily exercise routine, which I love…
  • That includes true cardio… which I hate… but, have always wanted to get good at. I’ve always gotten my cardio via HIIT, but this time, I’m running. And, I SUCK at running — LOL!
  • Oh, there’s a LOT of food to be eaten. I’m still adjusting, but MAN… 6 organized meals a day is a lot of food, volume-wise.
  • I’m loving the organization of the program.
  • And, I’m definitely seeing a small trickle of consistent weight loss.

It’s been an exciting week 1 and I’m hoping to ramp it up for week 2!

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