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As mentioned in my “professional/personal” Blog @DrBenFung, I had the surprising pleasure of being contacted regarding the inclusion of my blog to be listed as a “Top Work At Home Dad Blog!” Other than rehashing what I already wrote there, it was funny because the apparent journey that I was found to be a “work at home dad” was through my original blog — not this one. Nevertheless, it appeared that they followed that footprint into, well… here, at Daddy In The Raw.

Suffice to say. It was truly a surprise!

Obviously, this dad blog isn’t a monetization project. It’s just here to log, document, quip, whine, commiserate, and otherwise, encourage & empower those who may be on a similar journey… or, those who are considering the plunge.

Well, I’m glad people are noticing. If you’ve been encouraged, please drop me a line. Tweet me, message me, comment below, email me… I’d be so happy to hear from you!

Alright. That’s it! Have a great weekend!

So… This Is “Work”

I had a fun little Twitter convo earlier this week and it hit me (again) that… “this” is “work.”

Yes… I work from home! And, I’m kind of ruined for the usual corporate lifestyle… “going in” to work. My office is this packed storage’ish place where a lot of toddler, media, workout, jiu jitsu, and miscellaneous overflow exists in the house. It’s a place I establish some time to every once in a while, do some video blogging or broadcasting via #Periscope or Snapchat… I’ve actually taken a liking to Snapchat.

And, then… I’ve been looking back at the big picture. It’s MAY. That means, I’ve been “work at home” for TWO YEARS now. It’s really crazy to think that. Yes… I’ve taken some per diem gigs and some private clients over these past 24 months. However, the bulk of how we’ve been surviving financially has been from me working in this tiny little office, running around after my kid, cooking when I can, or jamming on this laptop at the bar of our kitchen.

It’s really quite crazy, when you stop and think about it. And, it’s awesome, amazing, and a gift of an experience.

What’s really crazy to think about is that… things are actually working out! Yes, it’s still financially a nightmare of sorts. However, it’s the LIFESTYLE I’m after. Of course, should the opportunity come and I get to realize some of my exit strategies that I end up with a big financial bump… yes, that would definitely be appreciated.

Still, I look back and mentally call upon the lovely experiences we’ve had as a family, the closeness I have with my wife, the love, fun, & adoration I have with my boy… how could I give this up?

My hopes and prayers, now, are that this next stage (as it develops) continues to grow this lifestyle along with the finances… that things finally balance out in a direction of growth.

Until Next Time!

A Year Out Of School, Again

So, it’s been a year… nearly to the day, that I graduated. Again. LOL!

What has happened? Well… EVERYTHING.

Graduating with my MBA to tag onto my other graduate degree, the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree… I sought to re-enter the world of healthcare at the business/operations beat of the realm. I was only to find that everyone and their neighbor’s uncle’s friend’s cousin’s roommate’s bartender wanted me to do what???

Return as a Director of Rehab.


I mean, if I wanted to be that, I would stayed that. I wanted to DO SO MUCH MORE. I wanted to be around my family more. I wanted to effect change at greater scales. I didn’t want to go back to where I started… it was ridiculous.

Well… as things turned out, I joined a startup company (as you know)… UpDoc Media!

Things are going well. We’ve been growing steadily, quickly, and things are getting very exciting. I’m hoping to be able to share things later on as the dust settles.

Before things got good… well, I basically applied to every corporate job imaginable, in the scope of non-clinical management. Annnnnnnnnd…. #Bust. Yup. No one wanted me. They wanted me to do my old job. #Irony

I also continued my work to be a big advocate for students and developing professionals. Personally, this is a huge driving factor — setting up the future generations for success. I just love it.

All to say, looking back at how I got here, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve been a work at home dad, full time. A year since I’ve graduated with the MBA. And, 6 months since my company launched. Things are happening!


Pulling 15-18 Hour Days

Catching up from my week in clinic for 1st week of April, I’m pulling 15 hours days… easy. Probably… more like 16-18 since I work throughout the day in such frequency. Then, into the night.

Plus, I’m grinding out this content package… The DPT Career Primer.


It’s going to around or over 6 hours of career acceleration content that you can’t get ANYWHERE else — especially not for new grad Doctors of Physical Therapy.

My eyes are shot. I’m not eating as healthy as I’d like. I’m super stressed. And, I’m still quite happy 🙂

After all, my son like to say “Hi.” when playing in the dark…

That voice!!!! #cantevenhandleit #toocute #lifewithatoddler #toddlerlife #toddler #dadblogger #dadblog #parenting

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It’s life. And, I love it!

In random bad news, I busted up my thumb in BJJ last week. It hurts… bad. The good news, Nathan LOVEs wearing my “gi” and calls it a “cape.” HAHA!

I suppose no matter how busy things get, no matter how much sleep I lose, I’m just so very happy to be able to wake up to this family and spend so many waking hours with them… at home.

Their Daddy In The Raw.