Influenster Unilever Review

unilever review

So, as you know, one of the things I do on this site is product reviews. And, one of the venues to which I influenster badgedo this is via Influenster. After unboxing the products, I failed to realize that the light blue dryspray deoderant was actually designed for women. *womp womp*

Nevertheless, I characterized it as “light and fresh” vs. the more robust essence of the men’s “adventure” spray.

Ultimately, it came time for the acid test. 48 hours, they said. Dry, they said. Motion activated, they said.

Well… they pretty much said right! I put it on a day before I went to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And, after 20 minutes of hard rolling (aka sparring), I came home expecting to smell like… yeah. Well, I only partially smelled like… yeah. 48 hours may be a bit of a stretch. You could kinda appreciate the remnants of the dry spray trying to help out my odiferous situation. 36 hours is probably a bit more like it.

Nevertheless, it’s a nice product. I like that it is indeed a dry spray. And, it does smell nice. Thanks to Influenster for sending me some goodies to review.

Until Next Time!