Childproof Locks

So… childproofing locks were a fun challenge when I finally had to go about it.

First, let me say, there are babyproofing locks…. and, there are babyPROOFING locks. Here’s an example of a lock that did NOT work out. Why, you may ask? Because, when I gently rattled them to check for physical integrity, the entire latch broke off.

As a result, I frantically started searching for the strongest, best reviewed locking mechanisms out there. Only two rose to the mission of keeping our son out of places he didn’t belong.

The #1 ultimate best winner ever is….!!!

And, the runner up!

At the end of the day, these two products were the only ones that actually kept our son out of those danger zones.

The magnetic locks are perhaps the best locking products I’ve ever seen or dealt with. However, I must warn you that the installation process is a HUGE PAIN. You have to screw in 4 separate screws and do lots of measuring — PER LOCK. And, because of the size of them, it’s difficult to install for smaller drawers and cabinets. Nevertheless, it is 100% worth it once it is done.

The zip-tie style lock for doorways and swinging cabinets is actually pretty effective. Nathan basically got bored of being frustrated trying to open them. Whenever he sees the lock in place, he knows it is locked and leaves the area alone. It actually works wonders for my office door since it is a double door.

Suffice to say, when it comes to your baby’s safety… you get what you pay for AND you get what you are willing to work for. The magnetic locks are expensive and a series chore to install. However, I can guarantee you that even you will have issues getting into areas — that is, unless you remember to bring your magnetic key 😉