Who Is Your Favorite?



LOL! Was there any doubt? We used to do this thing with Nathan:

  • Who is your favorite? — MAMA!
  • Who do you love? — MAMA!
  • What does the pig say? — OINK!
  • What does the sheep say? — BAAH!
  • What does R2D2 Say? — BEEP BOOP BOOP!
  • Who do you love? — MAMA!
  • Who ELSE do you love? — …….. MAMA!


Yep. Mom’s the fave. And, hey?! She’s my favorite too! Haha, it’s just so funny what little kids need and when it comes to comfort. It’s all about the mom’s. However, when it is play time, daddy is the fun one.

Yes, that’s right! There is no one else that can get my boy to giggle, squeal, and laugh the way daddy does. It’s actually really cool… comforting really. No matter the case, mom will always be there to comfort, snug, and give our boy the love. And, when kiddo needs fun play time, to tussle, jump, run, laugh, and get into all sorts of trouble. That’s what daddy is for!

This all started back when Nathan was just beginning to talk. We were doing all sorts of crazy things to try and get him to speak up more so we started this little game. As the game developed, we realized that it wasn’t just that he was saying things for the correct response, rhyme, and reason, he was saying it because he knew what emotional content these words meant. We tell Nathan we love him ALL the time. He knows what emotions comes with the word “love.” He may not completely understand what love is, how deep it goes, or that it can hurt. But, he knows that when we say “love” to him, it is a very positive, warm, and welcome emotional idea.

He also knows that when he feels awful, needs comfort, and needs that love, that mom is the best place to go. Sure, he’ll go to daddy in times of need, but if mommy is readily available — mom’s the favorite.

But, the flip side of the coin is this: If I’m not around, he doesn’t really laugh as silly, crazy, out of control.

So as far as it may periodically sting that mom is the favorite, it must sting all the same that I can get the smiles, the giggles, and the laughter of pure joy with that much more ease than mommy can. It’s not a bad thing. It’s not a good thing. It’s not, fair — and — it isn’t, not fair. It just is.

Parenthood is all about roles… specifically, making sure that roles are constructive, complimentary, and compassionate. It is easy in a tired moment to be all, “No… it’s YOUR turn to…*dot dot dot.*” Yet, the reality is this, everything is and should be all for the benefit of that wonderful bundle of love that is our kiddo. Therefore, it isn’t about who the favorite is or who gets the best kisses, hugs, laughs, or smiles.

It is all about us giving it all up in the dearest love and benefit for our son’s well being.

Who is the favorite? Nathan is!