Nathan’s Profile Picture

Every May, we’ve been doing this thing of taking Nathan’s profile pic. It’s worth a quick post 😉

What is probably the marvel of all is how you see this babe turn into a boy… and, it’s him! I think every parent goes through this watching their kiddo(s) grow up… they are the same as they were when they were a little infant as they were as a toddler, a kiddo, a teenager, and so on.

Nathan has grown up a bunch. I’m really proud of him. He’s going to kiddy jiu jitsu classes and he loves “playing” Muay Thai with me. LOL!

I guess, I’m just taking this short moment to stop and be thankful. He’s my son. And, I’m blessed.

Family Day – April 29th, 2017

We had the opportunity to nab a wonderful afternoon out in San Diego as a family. We also had the pleasure of having our good friend, Phu (“Uncle Phu”) join us for the fun. Sometimes, it’s just important to take a day.

Remember, if you structure your work around your life vs. the other way around… then, it’s all play 🙂

Okay. That’s it from this Work at Home Dad Blogger. Until next time!!!!!

Catching Up… Nearly 3 years?!

Yep… it’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve embarked on this journey. I had to mentally do the math to verify this sanity check. It’s crazy to think that we’ve been doing it this long. It’s easy to get lost in the facts, the day to days… and, it’s easy to forget WHY I started on this journey to begin with.

Now that I’m back to speaking gigs quite regularly and business has picked up significantly, it’s helpful to remember to recenter on the purpose of this journey. From there, things are made clear.

Catch up with me on this live broadcast replay via Facebook live. And, see you soon!