Daddy Adventure

Well…. it happened.

Wow… so it’s been forever since I’ve posted here. Sighs…. I’m trying to be better.

Though, if you’re like me, late summer through winter of 2016 has been BRUTAL busy.

Well! For this adventure, I needed to give my wife some time to…. just be. She was working so hard to keep our family from descending into chaos I wanted to give her a break so she could go do.

My solution: A Daddy Adventure!

I took our kid to Belmont Park where I had to leash him around everywhere because he was scared by the newness and bigness of it… that is, until he saw the bumper cars. THEN, I couldn’t get him away from the place… even though he was freezing because it was windy and he absolutely refused a jacket.

Well…. then I had to make good on my promise for him riding a “car” since he wasn’t big enough for them bumper cars.

My Solution: Surrey Bikes!

We rode around… meaning I pedaled around for 45 minutes. It was super fun… a little tiring… but, ultimately as you can tell from the video above… it was wonderful & total happiness 😛

Nathan… Can you laugh?

So… this happened at the store…

And, it became a thing. I mean, it became a thing in that it kept happening for several more visits to this particular store… Trader Joe’s, ever since.

NOW, it’s all about “The Monkey.” We tell Nate we’re going to the store by telling him we’re going to go see “The Monkey.”

It’s hilarious. He even uses that as a way to communicate he’d like to get outta the house as of late. This is because, each Trader Joe’s has a theme and ours is all about a hidden stuffed monkey that they move around and the general theme of pirates.

Why share this moment? What does this have to do with a throwback to how I got here?

It’s all about moments of joy. Despite it being a hard road on this entrepreneurial journey. Despite the financial chaos, instability, and not knowing how things are going to work out… you can be assured that it is and it will.

It’s not about focusing on all the gloom and destruction. It’s about focusing on these precious moments of life… the very purpose why you’re taking the plunge, the risk, the dive, the leap of faith… to be around these people you love and wish nothing more than to spend your entire life with.

That, is ultimately why *I* became a Work-At-Home-Dad. I had plenty of success in the world of clinical care, management, whatever… BUT! I didn’t have enough success as a husband and father. That is where my aim is set. And, that is what I’m achieving with each passing day.

Can you laugh?!

I sure can 🙂

Star Wars Launch Bay

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Disney & Star Wars are centric to who I am.

So the other day (a month ago), my family went to Disneyland again — no surprise. Well… Disneyland turned Innoventions and that whole area of Tomorrowland into the biggest Star Wars fan paradise EVER. It was practically like being a Star Wars Celebration. Okay! No more words. A Picture is Worth A Thousand. And… how about a video?!

From @disneyland the other night. #SeasonOfTheForce #disneylandap #Disneyland60

A photo posted by Ben Fung (aka @DrBenFung) (@daddyintheraw) on

From last night @disneyland. #DowntownDisney #DaddyInTheRaw A photo posted by Ben Fung (aka @DrBenFung) (@daddyintheraw) on

Another one from @disneyland #DowntownDisney #disneylandap #Disneyland60 #DaddyInTheRaw

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Because. #StarWars #starwarsfan #DowntownDisney A photo posted by Ben Fung (aka @DrBenFung) (@daddyintheraw) on

Star Wars Launch Bay

Enjoy the walk through!

Blue Hat, Green Hat

One of the funniest… wait, funniest? Is that a word? Yes! Spell check says “Okay!” So…! One of the funniest aspects of being a Work At Home Dad is that I get to take random breaks (given my schedule allows for it) to play with my boy. Today’s Throwback Thursday post is about a little book Nate used to ADORE… Blue Hat, Green Hat.

It’s actually a really silly little book. But, what is so funny is that there is this little turkey who doesn’t know how to wear any article of clothing. So, the book goes “Blue Hat, Green Hat, Red Hat, OOPS!”

During the “Oops” line, the Turkey is wearing something backwards, on its beak, or something else funny and weird.

The way I read it to my boy is I say “Ooops” super loud, high pitched, and I jolt my whole body as he is sitting in my lap. Nathan thinks that sudden motion during reading is absolutely hilarious and will just laugh it all up. Typically, until I am sorely bored with the book.

Still… it’s worth it 😉

Well…. Nathan was NOT cooperative with me recording a reading with him. However, his FAVORITE… moms 😉 was able to get a nice clip going.

So… Blue Hat, Green Hat.