Pulling 15-18 Hour Days

Catching up from my week in clinic for 1st week of April, I’m pulling 15 hours days… easy. Probably… more like 16-18 since I work throughout the day in such frequency. Then, into the night.

Plus, I’m grinding out this content package… The DPT Career Primer.


It’s going to around or over 6 hours of career acceleration content that you can’t get ANYWHERE else — especially not for new grad Doctors of Physical Therapy.

My eyes are shot. I’m not eating as healthy as I’d like. I’m super stressed. And, I’m still quite happy 🙂

After all, my son like to say “Hi.” when playing in the dark…

That voice!!!! #cantevenhandleit #toocute #lifewithatoddler #toddlerlife #toddler #dadblogger #dadblog #parenting

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It’s life. And, I love it!

In random bad news, I busted up my thumb in BJJ last week. It hurts… bad. The good news, Nathan LOVEs wearing my “gi” and calls it a “cape.” HAHA!

I suppose no matter how busy things get, no matter how much sleep I lose, I’m just so very happy to be able to wake up to this family and spend so many waking hours with them… at home.

Their Daddy In The Raw. 

Influenster Unilever Review

unilever review

So, as you know, one of the things I do on this site is product reviews. And, one of the venues to which I influenster badgedo this is via Influenster. After unboxing the products, I failed to realize that the light blue dryspray deoderant was actually designed for women. *womp womp*

Nevertheless, I characterized it as “light and fresh” vs. the more robust essence of the men’s “adventure” spray.

Ultimately, it came time for the acid test. 48 hours, they said. Dry, they said. Motion activated, they said.

Well… they pretty much said right! I put it on a day before I went to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And, after 20 minutes of hard rolling (aka sparring), I came home expecting to smell like… yeah. Well, I only partially smelled like… yeah. 48 hours may be a bit of a stretch. You could kinda appreciate the remnants of the dry spray trying to help out my odiferous situation. 36 hours is probably a bit more like it.

Nevertheless, it’s a nice product. I like that it is indeed a dry spray. And, it does smell nice. Thanks to Influenster for sending me some goodies to review.

Until Next Time!


A Week Away From Home

So… due to life and bills to pay, I found myself away from home and in clinic for an entire week. Now, first things first: I was very thankful to this relationship with this local clinic I per diem at. We have a wonderful working arrangement and it helps that we’re pretty darn close in terms of a drive/walk. #Awesome

Well, what was supposed to be more of a half day all week turned into practically full time work all week. It worked out in most respects in that there are bills to pay and we gotta do the work, sometimes & many times, that we rather not.

I learned a lot about the healthcare consumer, my role as a clinical physical therapist, and even how that despite such a break from clinical care these last (nearly) two years… I’m still spot on with so much of what I do. I guess it really is like what they say about “riding a bike.” Now, while I enjoyed being in the clinic again… what hurt was being away from family.

After all, this was the first time in TWO YEARS I was away from home and family at a full time pace.

Ultimately, being away all day for a full time equivalent work week… I noticed something truly remarkable in parenting. First, my son was in a bad mood most of the day. Even though I took lunch at home, my wife would tell me how grumpy he would be in my absence. Our boy just likes having both parents around. We also, ironically, realized that mommy & daddy represented certain facets of emotions… much like Disney’s Inside Out.

Mommy = Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

Daddy = Joy & Sadness.

How accurate was this? Well… one day, I came home and Nate went from absolute anger-fit to super giggle happy. He got so happy we were running around and he ran into a wall. Immediately… he began to cry in the saddest most pitiful cry ever.

Well… that seemed to be our dynamic for the week. The biggest lesson I learned was this: I belong at home. I am MEANT to be Daddy In The Raw… a work at home dad.

I can’t say it’s been easy. I can’t even say it’s been financially advisable (yet! some big news, hopefully around the corner) or emotionally stable. However, it is something I know is right for my family.

Well, after such a long and hard week, we felt there was no better way than to make a quick impromptu trip to Disneyland 🙂

Here are some highlights:


Crazy swag!


Selfie after front row seating at the Paint The Night Parade.


Entrance into Tomorrowland.


How it started in the front. Now, diamonds in the back.

Ultimately, I learned that no matter where you are on your journey… you must find your home. Your home might be your actual home. It may be your family, your friends, your profession, your passion, your hobby, etc. Whatever that home is, find yourself there and start there. Why? Well… everyone starts somewhere. Even, Walt Disney.

And, the key is: You have to START.